The Wii 4.3

To put it mildly, The wii 4.3 is the best when it comes to video game systems. I got one for christmas, and let me tell you. For someone thats been playing video games as long as I have, the wii 4.3 is  hands down, the best gaming experience available anywhere!

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Now if you add the wii homebrew 4.3 download to your wii....Well words can't describe the fun and the games you will be able to play. And the fun you and your family will experience.

To access wii homebrew 4.3, it only will require a couple of simple steps to be up and runnung. It's harder setting up your wii profile, than it is to download the homebrew 4.3 on your wii.

First thing on the to-do list, is to unlock your wii with the "wii unlock Plus" unlocking software.
And once your new unlocking software is installed, your well on your way to saving yourself a ton of money.
Now lets take a look at some of the things you'll be able to do...Free I might add....with the wii homebrew 4.3 download. 

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1. Unlock your wii safely and securely with no need for a modchip. It works with system menu 4.3 as well as all others you may have.
2. Install all wii homebrew channel apps.
3. Play N64, Sega, SNES, and tons of other games from the old days, with the emulators provided..Big money saver here folks.
4. Play imported games, Back up games from the disc channel
5. Burn your own games and play them on your console. This wii loader does it.
6. DVD and Music playback..Your very own entertainment center...WOW
7. Ability to load tons of games on a USB hard drive and then play them without the disc. How cool is this feature?

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